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Dancer Development

We hope everyone is staying safe. We regret that due to the ongoing pandemic, Rockettes Preparatory and Rockettes Conservatory have been cancelled for 2020.

Although we cannot move forward with the dancer development program this year, the Radio City Rockettes are committed to this program, and to supporting dancers with meaningful opportunities for growth. We are confident that the program, designed to broaden the pipeline of potential Rockettes, will be a vital development initiative in the future and we look forward to relaunching it next year.

The Rockettes dancer development program is an exciting investment in the future of our dance company. Rockettes Conservatory and Rockettes Preparatory present two distinct opportunities for dancers to receive the highest level of training dedicated to our precision technique, and this program will serve as our main talent pipeline. We will identify and offer potential dancers the opportunity to participate at no cost, removing a key barrier to entry. In addition to becoming a true talent pipeline for future Rockettes, the new program is designed to ensure that we continue to evolve as a dance company by attracting the best dancers from all backgrounds, cultures, races, religions and ethnicities.


As part of our commitment to inclusivity and representation, we are taking a more proactive and intentional approach in seeking talent around the country. Dancers are encouraged to attend a live Rockettes audition. Following auditions, dancers may be offered a spot on the Rockettes line or an invitation to participate in either Rockettes Conservatory or Rockettes Preparatory in New York City – streamlining the process for dancers by creating a single audition. All dancers who participated in the Rockettes Summer Intensive or the Rockettes Mini Intensive between 2017-2019 or Audition Prep in 2019, and meet the age requirement, will automatically be considered for the dancer development program in 2021.

Please note, this new dancer development program will replace the previous summer programs, the Rockettes Summer Intensive (RSI) and Rockettes Mini Intensive (RMI).


Rockettes Conservatory is a three-week long, invitation-only opportunity designed to immerse select professional and pre-professional dancers in intensive training in the foundations of the Rockettes precision technique (tap, jazz, and ballet), strength training, and the choreography of the Rockettes repertoire.

The program will be offered to professional and pre-professional dancers demonstrating excellence in ballet, jazz, and tap technique.

Rockettes Preparatory is a one-week long, invitation-only opportunity focused on foundational dance technique and specific sections of Rockettes repertoire.

The program will be offered to professional and pre-professional dancers demonstrating strong foundations in ballet, jazz, and tap technique.