Celebrating Black History Month with the Rockettes

The Rockettes have been celebrating Black History Month by sharing stories of Black members of the iconic kickline. We learned more about Rockette LaTarika’s journey to Radio City Music Hall, heard from Rockette Maya about her training at our partner organization, the Ailey School, and had Rockette JoJo show us how to do the perfect French Twist.

Rockette Latarika’s Dance Journey

LaTarika Pierce has been a Rockette for 3 years. She started dancing at her local studio when she was just 3 years old and participated in dance programs all throughout her childhood. She auditioned to be a Rockette for the first time when she was just 18 years old, and after years of perseverance and training, she made the line making her dream a reality.  

“The Rockettes are an ever-evolving dance company and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds. I’m excited to dance on the Great Stage with not only more women that look like me, but more women that reflect all backgrounds, so everyone can see themselves represented in some way on the Radio City stage. Dreams do come true – for me, I just needed the courage to act on them!” 

Read more about LaTarika and her journey to Radio City here.

Rockette Maya’s Dance Journey

Maya Addie started dancing when she was just 3 years old. She attended the Ailey School where she studied dance and first heard about the Rockettes. Many of our members of the kickline have come to us through the Ailey School including our dance captain Danelle Morgan. Maya has now been a Rockette for 2 years and is so happy to be a part of this production. “I feel so honored to represent all of the little Black girls out there who have seen us perform.” 

You can see Maya’s full dance journey video here. Read more about the programs she and other Rockettes have participated in here.

Rockette JoJo’s Hair Tutorial

JoJo Carmichael has been a Rockette for 2 years. She first started dancing at the age of 4 and went on to receive a degree in commercial dance from Pace University before beginning her career as a Rockette.  

While there are no rules on how dancers wear their hair during auditions and rehearsals, the unofficial official hairstyle in the Christmas Spectacular is the classic French Twist. There are plenty of tutorials that can show you how to get the perfect do, and JoJo showed us how she gets the look.  

You can see JoJo do her full hair tutorial here.  

We will continue to share stories like these all year long! Check this space and social channels to learn more about the women who make the Rockettes iconic.

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