Rockettes Conservatory is an invite-only, week-long intensive training program held at Radio City Music Hall each summer. The program provides talented dancers with a well-rounded curriculum that emphasizes Rockettes precision choreography. This is supported by a strong technical foundation in ballet, tap, and jazz, as well as the strength and stamina training needed to be a Rockette. As part of Conservatory, participating dancers also receive instruction in various dance styles from other renowned choreographers and acclaimed New York City dance organizations, such as The Ailey School, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and the Chloe & Maud Foundation.

Rockettes Conservatory was designed as an investment in promising dancers’ futures, so there is no fee for invited dancers to attend. Participants are then invited to attend the August Rockettes auditions in August for consideration for a spot on the line in the 2024 Christmas Spectacular. Dancers who participate also gain access to additional programming including the Winter Intensive, a week-long training program held at Radio City Music Hall in January/February.


The 2024 Rockettes Conservatory will be held July 15 – July 19th and July 29 – Aug 2 , 2024. In order to be considered for the program, dancers must:

  • Attend the April Rockettes audition, or be invited by the Rockettes creative team
  • Be at least 18 years of age by July 15 or July 29, 2024 in order to participate in the first or second weeks of conservatory, respectively