Dance Education

Rockettes Dance Education programs provide dancers and non-dancers alike the opportunity to train with and learn from the legendary Rockettes themselves, in their own rehearsal space. Find the Rockettes Dance Education Program that’s the best match for you. We’ll see you in class very soon!

Rockettes Experience

Join us for a Rockettes Experience class taught by one of the iconic Rockettes, and learn actual Rockettes tap and jazz choreography as well as our world-famous kick line.


Summer Intensive (RSI)

The Rockettes Summer Intensive (RSI) is a dance program designed for advanced dancers who want to train in the Rockettes style.


Rockettes Experience: Master Series

Attendees of this 4-hour class learn some of the specific techniques and signature choreography involved in the Rockettes iconic precision dance routines.


Rockettes Private Party

Unique event opportunities for you to offer to your A-list clients.