Orchestra Auditions

Orchestra auditions for the 2019 Christmas Spectacular


Thank you for auditioning for the 2019 Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes. Our Music Coordinator Howard Joines and I very much appreciate your interest, and would like to explain the audition process.

You will be performing a piece of your own, and an excerpt or two (three for the Trumpets and Reed 5) with click. The music and clicks are provided in the links below.

For your solo piece, you should play something that displays virtuosity and theatricality.  Please keep in mind the style and spirit of the Christmas Spectacular: meandering free-form solos are not effective representations of what we need for the production. Also, please take a good look at the excerpts, and choose a solo piece that contrasts with them, giving us an opportunity to hear a wide spectrum of your playing while still remaining in the musical world of the show.

Unless otherwise instructed below, you will have two (2) minutes for your prepared solo. If you go over your time, you WILL be cut off. We may also cut you off early, which should not be construed as a negative reaction—it simply means that we have heard enough to make a judgment, which could just as easily be positive as negative. It is imperative that you limit your prepared piece to a length not exceeding TWO minutes—this has proven problematic in past years—we do not enjoy having to cut off your playing.

PERCUSSION: There are two (2) excerpts: one on Timpani only, and a mallet piece. We will provide all necessary equipment. For your solo piece, we will provide a marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, and timpani.

REED 2 and 3 PLAYERS: You will be required to play a short piece on all of your instruments. Try to avoid Etudes if you can. You will have a one (1) minute time limit for each instrument. If you play all the instruments required for REED 2, we will consider you for REED 3 as well, unless you specify that you are only interested in REED 2. Note that to be considered for both REED 2 and REED 3 chairs, you will be required to play excerpts for BOTH chairs, since they feature the prominent instruments contained in each specific book.

REED 5 PLAYERS: There are three (3) excerpts as well: one on Oboe/Tenor Sax, the second on Bass Clarinet, and the third on English Horn.

TRUMPET PLAYERS: Please note that there are three (3) excerpts, including one on the Piccolo Trumpet.

VIOLINISTS: There are two (2) excerpts: one with click as well as a short non-clicked rubato solo.

Thank you very much for your interest in being part of the 2019 Christmas Spectacular, as well as the time and preparation required for your audition.

We look forward to hearing you.

Kevin Stites

Sheet music and click track downloads