Rockettes Strength and Conditioning: Wooden Soldier Planks

Rockettes Strength and Conditioning: Wooden Soldier Planks

The Wooden Soldier Fall has been in the Christmas Spectacular since 1933. Earlier in the year, we shot this video to show you the moves it takes to perform the Fall all season long ?

Posted by Rockettes on Friday, June 19, 2020

Shoulder External Rotation

Goal:  Strengthen muscles in the rear shoulder and back to help support the weight of fellow dancers while falling in the wooden soldier fall.

Begin with a fitness band in both hands, palms facing up.  Squeeze elbows into your side and make sure there is tension in the band. Keep your elbows at your side and rotate your arms outward thinking about squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades.  Slowly return to start position and repeat.

Repeat 15-20 repetitions for 2 sets.

Bicep Curl with Fitness Band

Goal:  Strengthen bicep muscles in the arms to help hold fellow dancers as they are falling in the wooden soldier fall.

Anchor a fitness band under your foot with elbows tucked to your side and rotate palms forward.  Bend your elbows and bring your palms up to your shoulders, then slowly lower back down. Tension should increase as you curl your arms.                                           

Repeat 15-20 repetitions for 2 sets

“Pull-Up” Pike on Ball

Goal:  Increasing core strength for wooden soldier fall

Begin in a push-up position with feet together on a fit ball. Make sure your shoulders are over your wrists.  Pike hips up toward the ceiling engaging your abdominal muscles throughout the movement. Slowly return to the starting push up position.

Repeat for 15 repetitions, rest and repeat.

These injury prevention tips were created in partnership with Rothman Orthopaedic.

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