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    • Exercise in Disguise

    • To the intimidated newbie who’s never stepped foot on the treadmill—it’s a non-judgmental dance party. To the seasoned (and bored) gym rat, it’s a blast of fresh air.  But to everyone, Zumba—the popular Latin-inspired dance-fitness craze—is “exercise in disguise,” as Allison Robins, PR Director at Zumba Fitness, LLC puts it.

      “Dancing is a universal judgment-free platform… When someone gives you an outlet to do it and you’re not being judged, people get hooked quickly,” Robins adds.  These celebs know what Robins is talking about— and it shows:


      The Rockettes kicked off the 2012 Zumba Instructor Conference in Orlando, Florida – much to the thrill of the 8,000 Zumba instructors in attendance. Many Rockettes take Zumba classes to stay in tip-top shape in the off-season—some are Zumba teachers themselves! Rockettes love dancing; it’s a perfect fit.

      Jordin Sparks

      The young star of the newly-released film Sparkle, made waves in the Twitter world after posting a pic of her newly-sculpted body back in 2011.  One of her slim-down secrets?  Zumba.  "Something just clicked with me, and instead of sitting around talking about it I said, 'I'm going to go hike that mountain!' And it continued.  I've been hiking and I've done a couple of runs. I also do Zumba. It's so much fun!" she told Us Weekly.

      Michelle Obama

      If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans can come together to support, it has to be the First Lady’s impressively toned arms.  Along with her regular workout routine, Zumba helps Michelle Obama feel confident sporting sleeveless tops and dresses as she travels across the nation working to end childhood obesity.  While promoting her Let’s Move initiative in Florida, Michelle Obama told NBC Miami, “I did a Zumba class over vacation. That was a lot of fun.” 

      Giuliana Rancic

      We know Rancic as the sharp-as-a-tack E! News host, courageous breast cancer survivor, and soon-to-be mother…and possible Zumba addict?  Rancic plans to continue her Zumba habit to stay in shape after the birth of her son (who’s due soon via surrogate). “It’s like going to a club, I’m not bored to death. I used to run on the treadmill for an hour at a time and my heart pounds so much faster doing a Zumba class than it does on a treadmill,” she reported to Radaronline.com

      Jennifer Lopez

      People Magazine’s 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive turns to Zumba not only for a great workout, but as a release from the pressures that come with career and motherhood.  She told Redbook, “As women, we tend to give away a lot. We take care of a lot of people, and we can’t forget to take care of ourselves. If that means once a week you’re going to go off without the kids or without anybody and just go shoe shopping…or get a facial even if your sister thinks that’s selfish, or join a Zumba class, or take a painting class, or whatever, you’ve just got to do it.” 

      Right on, ladies!