Rockettes Mini Intensive

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The Rockettes Mini Intensive (RMI) began in 2017 as a dance program for intermediate and advanced dancers who could benefit from an intensive training program in the Rockettes style. Many previous dancers who participated in the RMI program have been accepted into our Rockettes Summer Intensive (RSI) program!

2019 Rockettes Mini Intensive:

  • 3 days of intensive workshops in jazz, tap, and Rockettes technique where you will use your skills to learn Rockettes choreography
  • Q&A and photo opportunity with the Rockettes instructors are included on Day 3
  • A Stage Door Tour is also included on Day 3
  • Lunch is provided on all 3 days of the RMI program

If you have any questions, please contact us at

To be considered for the Rockettes Mini Intensive dance program, dancers must be at least thirteen (13) years of age by June 16, 2019 and have a minimum 5 years of training in tap, jazz, and ballet.

New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall

  • Session 1: July 8 – 10
  • Session 2: July 11 – 13
  • Session 3: July 22 – 24
  • Session 4: July 25 – 27
  • Session 5: July 29 – 31
  • Session 6: August 1 – 3

The Rockettes Mini Intensive program will not be held in other cities in 2019.

Tuition: Tuition for the 2019 Rockettes Mini Intensive is $599 (plus $4 processing fee) and includes all classes, as well as lunch each day of the program.