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9 Workouts the Rockettes Do In the Off-Season

Dancing and rehearsing is a workout in itself, but during the off-season, it’s still our job as Rockettes to stay in tip-top shape (after all, during the Christmas season we perform up to 16 shows a week!). But one of the cool things about the off-season is we get to try out fun, energetic workouts to spice things up. From taking interval-based classes to channeling our inner yogi, here’s how we like to stay in shape when we’re not rehearsing and performing:

1. Barre. “I love taking barre classes. The small isometric movements you do in class are very helpful in building strength and long lean muscle.” —Rockette Katelyn G.

2. Cycling. “When I’m not rehearsing, the one thing I need in a workout is a major sweat sesh; and cycling does that for me! I always walk out of class feeling strong and ready for the day. It also pushes me to the limit cardiovascularly, and gives the same endurance training as a strenuous rehearsal process would.” —Rockette Sarah S.

3. Running Outdoors. “When I’m not teaching dance-cardio based fitness classes at Body By Simone here in New York City, I’ll go for an outdoor run no matter what time of year. Taking my workout outdoors also helps me to explore the city in a way I wouldn’t normally experience on my daily commute!” —Rockette Sarah G.

4. Ballroom Dancing. “My go-to workout regimen right now is ballroom dancing. I take lessons four to five days a week at Dance With Me Midtown. It keeps me moving and dancing but also works muscles that I don’t always use in shows. But most importantly, it’s an absolute blast!” —Rockette Alissa L.

lindsay-howe-headshot-1024x10245. Jump Rope. “When I’m not in Rockettes season, I love getting fit with a new NYC-based workout called The Rope! It works out your entire body with a jump rope. It’s one the coolest workouts in the business, creative to the core and not to mention, fun!” —Rockette Lindsay H.

megan-levinson-headshot6. HIIT and Pilates. “I like to make sure I have a variety of different workout classes in my weekly workout routine. I take at least one dance class daily and then do a mix of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and SLT (a total-body workout that ties together cardio, strength training and pilates) workouts.” —Rockette Megan L.

7. Yoga. “While I love spinning because it is such great cardio (I love the classes at Flywheel for HIIT!), yoga is a great complement to spinning. It helps ground me and is an excellent way to work on my flexibility.” —Rockette Courtney R.

sam-berger-headshot8. Barry’s Bootcamp. “I love Barry’s Bootcamp. It’s an interval-based class that focuses on a certain body part a day, combined with sprints on the treadmill. I always leave that class feeling inspired and majorly strong.” —Rockette Sam B.

Danelle-Morgan-Headshot-1024x10249. Dance Cardio. “I prefer more social workouts where I’m busting my butt and having too much fun to realize I’m getting a workout. But dance cardio classes are my favorite. They help me maintain and strengthen my technique, challenge myself with varying styles and enjoy good music. I’m in a full sweat and smiling at the end of every class. To me, that’s a win.” —Rockette Danelle M.