5 White Lies Your Dance Teacher Tells You


ance teachers can be brutally honest when it comes to your dance technique, but most teachers will admit to telling a few little white lies to their students. From practice makes perfect to not playing favorites, here are five fibs you might have heard before:

1. “Practice makes perfect”
practice-makes-perfect-white-lies-articleDance teachers aren’t the only ones who let this falsehood slip. The truth is that in dance, there is no such thing as perfect. Even we Rockette know there are always ways to improve, and we practice to make progress. So don’t ignore your dance teacher’s fib completely—practice does make perfect sense.


2. “I have no favorite (or least favorite) students”
no-favorites-white-lies-article-newDance teachers are only human. They like and dislike things about the people around them, even their dance students. While it’s probably no secret that dance teachers appreciate hard-working, A+ dance students, the best teachers are good at never letting students know who their favorites are.


3. “Don’t worry, no one else noticed”
no-one-noticed-white-lies-articleDancers typically can’t help going over even the smallest performance mishaps in their heads (even we Rockettes make mistakes on stage!). Chances are that someone watching saw your onstage oops, but you can’t unmake a mistake once it’s made. Knowing this, even the most brutally honest dance teachers will tell this fib to make you feel better.


4. “I see (what I want to see)”
I-see-what-I-want-white-lies-articleDance teachers are excellent at catching everything you’re doing wrong. Even if you get a lot of corrections during dance class, your dance teacher sees a lot more than she will say. She’ll also fudge the truth and tell you that she sees something when she really doesn’t. “I see lovely, pointed feet in your leaps,” she’ll exclaim. Dance teachers understand the power of suggestion.


5. “One more time!”
one-more-time-white-lies-articleIf you’ve been a dance student for any length of time, you know all too well the biggest dance teacher lie ever told is the myth of “one more time.” It’s never just one more. In fact, you can probably count on at least three or four more times, or doing it until you get it right.