6 Workouts That Will Make You Break a Sweat


ick of the treadmill and your weekly cardio kickboxing class? Then get your sweat on with these unusual workout classes:

A group workout class where you—you guessed it—juggle! You start out with small scarves, graduate to balls, then push yourself to walk while using your newly found juggling skills, while breaking a sweat. All joking aside, you can actually burn up to 280 calories per hour. Your arms are active nearly the entire class, toning and strengthening, and balancing exercises work your core, too.

Simple, hula-hooping cardio workout classes. You’ll learn the basics, like waist hooping and hip hooping (who knew there were different kinds of hooping?!), then move onto the pro-moves. Research has shown that more than 30 core muscles are engaged when you hula hoop. Go for an hour, and you could torch around 400 calories.

It’s a spin class. But your bike? It’s in a pool. You spin away, submerged from the waist down. As if spinning’s not a great workout on its own, water adds resistance and lessens the impact on joints. But the best part: All that water friction creates a natural massage for the skin on your legs, possibly reducing cellulite.

Aerial Arts NYC
With workout classes like Contortion and Handstands, Unicycling (by request) and Cirque-du-Soleil-like Silks and Ropes classes, it’s basically circus camp for grown-ups. Whether you’re practicing a handstand roll, working your core by balancing on a unicycle or climbing up a rope, these classes help build strength and flexibility in fun, unusual ways.

Getting from point A to point B in the most calorie-burning way possible—aka “freerunning.” Cardio. Check. Endurance. Check. Strength-training. Check. Practicing parkour can also help you in the dance studio, improving coordination and reaction time.

Training on a low-impact surface (like your own mini trampoline!) will help keep you lean and strong while protecting your joints. Studies have show rebounding is 50 percent more efficient at burning fat than running; and is also one of the best workouts to detoxify and strengthen the lymphatic system.