10 Ways to Celebrate Your Best Friend From Dance


et’s be real: Your best friend from dance (BFFD) is always there to laugh with you hysterically, or let you cry on her shoulder. So, in the spirit of teamwork, friendship and National Best Friend Day, we’ve rounded up 10 ways to show your BFFD just how much you care.

1. Take a selfie and tag them in your Facebook status:


2. Watch Dirty Dancing (duh!):


3. Show how much you love them a latte with a surprise  pick-me-up:
hug in a cup


4. Binge-watch your favorite TV show:


5. Go to an open mic night and belt out your fav tune together:


6. Create a modern day mix tape of songs that define your friendship:


7. Create a menu of her favorite foods and invite her over to cook:


8. Head to the nail salon for matching mani/pedis:


9. Have a dance party:









10. HUG IT OUT … You’re best friends after all!