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8 Ways to Be an Awesome Stage Mom


f you’re a new mama to the dance world, here’s how you can help your dancer succeed and still be their number one fan without becoming a momzilla:

1. Always say “thank you”:

stage-mom-article-thank-youPeople call these the magic words for a reason. Using them sets a good example for your dancer and makes their path smoother every step-ball-change of the way.


2. Show good sportsmanship:

stage-mom-article-sportsmanshipAcknowledge any great performance when you see it and your dancer will follow suit. Here are 11 ways your dancer can be a good sport at their next rehearsal, performance or competition.


3. Follow their lead:

stage-mom-article-supportGive your dancer choices (and a voice!) and don’t force them to stick with something they’re not interested in. Only kick things up a notch only when their commitment and interest is there.


4. Don’t blame your dancer if they don’t “win”:

stage-mom-article-nurture-passionIt’s important to always nurture your kiddo’s passion, win or lose.


5. Be the parent, not the coach:

stage-mom-article-be-a-parentYour encouragement and empathy is important to your child’s success, but leave the constructive criticism to their teacher.


6. Use the 24-hour rule:

stage-mom-article-24-hour-ruleDying to speak up or speak out? Wait a day, think about your approach, then decide if it’s necessary.


7. Check yourself:

stage-mom-article-enthusiastic-parentsAre you “living the dream” through your little showstopper? Do the highs and lows affect you more than her? If so, take a step back, mama.


8. Put family first:

stage-mom-article-family-firstYour dancer AND the other members of your at-home crew must top your list above chasing the limelight. Always.