7 Ways Dads Can Bond With Their Dancer


hen it comes to dividing up parenting duties, dance may seem like “mom” territory. But dads, moms shouldn’t have all the fun! Check out these seven ways to connect with your dancer—from finding common ground and offering support to stepping out of your comfort zone:

1. Be proud:

dads-bond-with-dancer-proudEven if the art of dance doesn’t exactly speak to you, you can probably still appreciate the athleticism, teamwork and sportsmanship required of dancers. Praising them for these qualities shows you’re proud to have a talented dancer in the family.


2. Ask questions:

dads-bond-with-dancer-ask-questionsMake an effort to learn a little about dance (your dancing kid may love educating you!). Be curious about the most challenging parts of dance class, or ask what a certain dance move is called … listen and let the answers lead to more questions.


3. Master dance hairstyles:

dads-bond-with-dancer-hairPutting hair in a braid or bun is not a skill many men have ever needed. If you’re the dad of a young dancing daughter, there’s no time like the present to learn. You may have to get creative, but practice makes perfect.


4. Get involved:

dad-bond-with-dancer-involvedDads sure are a big help behind the scenes, and your involvement means you get to spend more time with your busy dancer. From building sets and heavy lifting to balancing budgets, decide where your mad dad skills could come in handy.


5. Compare notes:

dads-bond-with-dancer-notesEven if you don’t eat and breathe dance like your pint-sized performer, there’s no need to feel at a loss for words in conversation. You can still talk about the things that you like. Just find ways of relating your interests to dance and you’ll soon find common ground.


6. Get your groove on:

dad-bond-with-dancer-grooveSmart dads know there’s no better way to understand what it takes to be a dancer than to become one … at least for a little while. If your dance school offers the opportunity to work on a dance routine with your kiddo, jump in there! Even better, sign up for an adult dance class. New appreciation for your dancer—check!


7. Keep dance contagious:

dads-bond-with-dancer-dancingYou may not be ready to go public with your dancing in class or on stage but that’s no excuse not to bust a move with your dancing kid from the privacy of your own living room, that is until they post it on YouTube and it goes viral.