Video: Emilio Sosa on Making the New York Spectacular Costumes

As a young boy in the Bronx, Emilio Sosa dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. His designs have been showcased everywhere from Broadway shows to Project Runway, and now he joins us at Radio City Music Hall as Costume Designer for the New York Spectacular.

When Mia Michaels, the director and choreographer of our summer production, approached Emilio about using haute couture fashion as the inspiration for the designs, he was on board.

Mia’s really invested in every creative decision I make, whether it’s the size of the band on a hat or the size of the stripe on a pant leg,” says Emilio. “As the designer, that’s what you want. You want that kind of input from your director. At the end of the day, you’re trying to supplement and support her vision.”

As a designer, it’s important for Emilio never to get married to a design because it’s a living, breathing thing. It has to change, because you have to make it for the person who’s going to wear it. “A dancer is doing backbends and leg kicks … so you have to build in those kinds of adjustments in the garment; that’s the beauty of it!” says Emilio.

“When you’re interacting with people who had those same dreams you had and they are coming together in one of the most iconic venues in the world, and you are responsible for what they look like … it’s overwhelmingly amazing.”