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VIDEO: Dancer Gives His All for Christmas Spectacular Male Ensemble Auditions

Meet Tomas. This year, he auditioned for a role in our Christmas Spectacular ensemble cast, and his energy is contagious!

The ensemble is an integral component of our Christmas Spectacular; they appear in nearly every scene of the show! Members of the ensemble cast have to switch between many different dance styles and characters throughout the show, so those cast must have a wide range of talent and abilities. Tomas knew that going into the day and didn’t want anything to distract him from giving the best performance possible. 

“If you do think about messing up, you’re going to mess up,” Tomas advised about the audition process. “You just gotta be smart, and not allow your surroundings and yourself to get in your mind.”

Before making his way to callbacks the next morning, Tomas took a moment to relax in preparation for the day ahead. After a nutritious breakfast and a stretching session, he made his way to Radio City Music Hall to give it all he’s got for the judges: “I haven’t felt this good in a really long time and it feels nice to be able to, like, love what I do… because not a lot of people get the chance to do that.”

Following his 30 seconds to shine, no decisions were made for the day, but Tomas knew to be proud of all that he had accomplished at Christmas Spectacular auditions.

“If I do get the call, my dreams will come true! And if I don’t, I’m still okay with that because I know that I did all that I could possibly do.”

Don’t miss this year’s Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall—the show runs from November 9 until January 6.