VIDEO: Two Sisters Journey to NYC to Audition for ‘Clara’ in the Christmas Spectacular


hen it comes to chasing your dreams, no distance is too far. That’s why sisters Ella and Tori made the journey from Dallas, Texas to New York City to audition for the role of Clara in this year’s Christmas Spectacular.

These two hopefuls started audition day by warming up in their hotel room, reflecting on how exciting the entire experience was going to be: “It’s amazing to be here, to get this role would mean everything to me!” Ella exclaimed. “I’m nervous because it’s an audition, but it’s a good nervous.”

Clara, the main character in “The Nutcracker” number of our show, is considered a dream role for many young dancers. Getting cast isn’t easy; there are only three spots open for this role each year, and this year, 89 hopefuls showed up at Radio City Music Hall to audition.

Once pointe shoes had been tied and warm-ups were complete in the Small Rehearsal Hall, the moment of truth arrived: It was time for Tori and Ella to audition. Despite the inevitable pre-performance jitters, the two dancers give it their all during the first round of auditions.

Although the sisters from Texas were not chosen to move onto callbacks, Tori and Ella are still optimistic for the future: “We didn’t make it this year, but that’s okay, it happens. But we’re so excited because we want to come back next year and audition again!”

An important lesson to be learned here: Never stop reaching for your dreams!

Join us at Radio City Music Hall for the 2018 production of the Christmas Spectacular—the show runs November 9 through January 6th.