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How to Pick the Right Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone



ave you ever attempted to wear red lipstick and thought it was blaring louder than a fire engine? Just like eye shadow palettes, there are shades of rouge perfect for your natural coloring. We Rockettes often rock our iconic red lip on stage (either MAC Red or MAC Russian Red—both are blue-based tones that pop under the bright lights!), so we know a thing or two about finding the perfect hue that complements their own unique skin tones.

Whether your birthday suit has a deeper skin tone or you’re on the yellow-to-olive spectrum, our Rockettes make-up artist, Melissa Silver, shares some tips and tricks on how to find the perfect shade for your coloring. Just remember, your red lip is your statement, so keep the rest of your makeup more natural.

Dark Complexion: Invest in a sultry red with a blue base that mimics rich wine colors like sangria or oxblood. If you’re looking for a little more of a vibrant statement, try a shade in the berry family.

Medium-Beige Complexion: Ring the alarm because true reds were made for your complexion. Stick to fire engine or apple anytime of day or night. For a tamer accent, try a pinkish-red.

Fair Complexion: If you have a yellowish undertone to your complexion, build the boldness with brick red. Just a few stops away from the true red line, the hue has a more subdued cranberry ambience. If you have a more pinkish undertone, take a dip under the sea with coral inspired shades of red. Pick a red with a warm tropical feel— without taking a plunge into too much orange.