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To the Core: 4 Awesome Ab Workouts



et’s get to the core of why you should try one of this season’s most revealing trend…Crop tops! Whether you’re bearing a full midriff or pairing one with a high-waisted skirt, the cropped look is made for you to rock—it’s all about confidence and feeling your best.

Here are our favorite dance workouts for abs that tighten, tone, make us feel good at our core—and look great in a crop top:

The PlankThis yoga pose is an excellent way to make you feel it all over—from your arms to your glutes. Try holding the plank for 20 seconds at a time in 3 reps. As you get stronger, add more time to your hold.

The BicycleWhile bike riding is an awesome way to get out and feel good, the bicycle crunch is great for a quick ab-tightening challenge. Check out how to get the proper form here and start out with 3 sets of 10 reps.

The Side Plank
The key to a super-strong core is a well-rounded core. Many ab workouts move your front and back, but your core has a whole set of muscles on your sides. Just like the Plank, Side Planks engage those overlooked muscles and kick them into overdrive to keep your body in place.

The Vertical Leg CrunchReach for the stars—or that crop top on a high shelf—with the Vertical Leg Crunch. This move may appear to be a resting position but don’t let it fool you. Use your toes as a sort of visual goal to push yourself to reach as high as you can.

Looking for more ab workouts to add to your dance exercises?  Check out our ab workouts for dancers here.