7 Tips for Seeing a Performance With Kids for the First Time


Photo Credit: Carl Scheffel | MSG Photo


iven that a few of us Rockettes are mamas ourselves, we know how special it is to take your little ones to see a show for the first time—whether it’s the Christmas Spectacular or a Broadway show. It’s a magical experience for the entire family that will spark in them a love for the performing arts. Before you head out for the show, read on for some of our tips to ensure you and your little ones have the best time ever:

1. Choose the right show and get them excited. When taking kids to see a live show—especially their very first—it’s important to choose a show that you know they’ll enjoy and will completely captivate their attention. Give them a little taste of what they can expect by playing them a song from the show or showing them a video clip of a previous performance. Being familiar with the plot and the characters will get them pumped for the performance!

2. Review proper show etiquette beforehand. Before the show, be sure to communicate clearly how you expect them to behave. Explain to them that talking will distract performers and surrounding audience members and promise to answer any of their burning questions during an intermission or after the show.

3. Book an aisle seat. Whenever possible, try to book an aisle seat. This will make things so much easier if your little one starts crying, throwing a tiny tantrum or needs a potty break during the show. You can just get up and go without distracting those around you.

4. Ask for a booster seat. If your kiddo is too small to see the stage from their seat, don’t be afraid to ask an usher or house manager for a booster seat. If there are none available, have your little one sit on your lap—it’s not just a way for them to see the stage better, but also the perfect time for a cuddle session!

5. Arrive early and make a trip to the restroom. Arriving early is essential when you’ve got your tot in tow. (If you’re seeing the Christmas Spectacular, we recommend you arrive at least an hour before show time!). This gives you plenty of time to get settled in your seats and make a trip to the restroom—even if they say they don’t need to go—before the show starts.

6. Pick a showtime that doesn’t interfere with sleep time. Make sure that the show time isn’t during their usual naptime or after their bedtime or you’ll risk your tiny tot drifting off to the Land of Nod and missing the show.

7. Bring or buy some yummy snacks. Let’s be honest: Part of the fun of watching a live show is having some type of yummy snack to munch on. It’s basically part of the experience. Depending on the venue, they may let you bring your own snacks or you can buy some there. Whatever you choose, be sure to pack some wipes and sanitizer to clean their hands up afterwards. You’ll thank yourself later.