The Rockettes’ Top Moments From the International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>we will never forget! From teaching master classes to learning about the diverse dancers who paved the way before us, these are some of our top moments from our week in Dayton.

1. Teaching Master Classes

Danelle: “We had the pleasure of teaching three master classes at IABD, in tap and our precision style. We taught sections from various performances over the past few years, showcasing the many styles our choreographers ask us to do. We really wanted the dancers, especially those who are not familiar with our style, to learn our movement vocabulary, challenge themselves, see the versatility in what we do and, most importantly, have fun!” 

2. Our Panel Discussion

3. Stunning Performances

4. The “Rockette Reach”

Sam: “Last summer, Danelle and I attended

A snowy farewell to the IABD conference in Dayton, Ohio.

Sam: “Dance wouldn’t exist in my world without the brave and fearless artists of color that came before me. During our last day in Dayton, we attended a farewell brunch that included awards and a Town Hall-type of gathering. The intimate ballroom it was held in housed some of the most legendary educators, creators and artists from around the world, including Cleo Parker Robinson, Lula Washington and even Joan Myers Brown to name a few. There were hundreds of years of dance history in the room. It was almost as if I was sitting in a living museum of movement, and the Rockettes were such an important part of it!”

Danelle: “I am honored to say that we were able to award six scholarships to the

Jackie: “Seeing the hopes and dreams of so many beautiful, young dancers and seeing them strive hard to achieve them and making a difference for blacks in dance, it gave me hope for the next generation of dancers. And I think seeing the four of us Rockettes, all from different backgrounds and of different ethnicities, really sparked a new dream in a lot of these young women.”