The Rockettes’ Top 6 ‘Hotline Bling’ Videos

Step aside, Silentó … it seems there’s a new infectious dance craze taking the Internet by storm.

Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video released on Oct. 19, and since then has become the inspiration for countless memes and parody videos. The creative genius behind the video, Director X, revealed that he hopes all of this virality will inspire and encourage men to hit the dance floor: “I put as many men dancing and having fun in my music videos as I can,” X told Tech Insider, “to get men to start dancing and having fun in the real world.”

And that’s exactly what’s been happening. From American politician and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders busting some moves (thanks, Ellen DeGeneres!) to a pre-calc teacher dressing up in Drake-inspired apparel to show his class his epic skills, here are the Rockettes’ picks for the six best videos of people hopping on the “Hotline Bling” dance craze bandwagon:

1. Bernie Sanders

Just leave it to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to create a new campaign for Bernie that specifically targets younger voters. Bernie’s got moves!


2. Justin Tucker

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker made a game-winning field goal against the San Diego Chargers and couldn’t help but give a celebratory homage to Drake.


3. Sufjan Stevens

While performing at Loews Jersey Theatre in Jersey City, singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, alongside R&B singer Gallant, performed their best Drake-inspired dance moves in front of a giant backdrop of the Drake’s face.


4. Pre-Calc Teacher

Grey duds. Check. Timberlands. Check. Pre-calculus teacher doing his best Drake moves for his students during class … check. This teacher totally gets an A+ for effort.


5. Helmut the Pug

Move over, Drake. From his puppy dance moves to his pint-sized lookalike wardrobe, Helmut the pug’s moves are everything you wanted and more.


6. Justin Bieber

While the singer was at UK’s 95-106 Capital FM radio station promoting his upcoming album Purpose, the radio host convinced Justin to do his best Drake impression—and he totally nailed it.