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The Rockettes Share Their 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

As Rockettes, we lead busy lives. During Christmas, we’re busy with shows and in the offseason, we’re running businesses, spending time with family and staying in shape for the next Christmas Spectacular season. So for us, it’s sometimes hard to start new routines, but we’re making it a mission in 2020 to change things up and try something new!

In 2020 I would like to challenge myself to do something new in New York City every week. I’ve called New York City my home for almost two years and there’s still so much of the City that I haven’t seen! I want to spend time in different neighborhoods, try new foods, take a new dance class, try a new workout and meet new people! I hope to broaden my experience as a New Yorker and enjoy more of this beautiful city! — Rockette Soultana

I know it may sound cheesy, but I want to bring more fun into the every day mundane things. Have to do dishes? Why not make it more fun by turning on some music and having a dishwashing dance party? Have to go to the DMV? Might as well bring a book or listen to an awesome podcast so it becomes more fun! More fun also means more dance classes, manicures, and beach days in Los Angeles (where I live in the offseason)! — Rockette Samantha

In the new year, I want to spend more time outdoors. I want to use my phone less and go outside more, whether on a hike, a walk, or just sitting in the park enjoying the sunlight. For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a bicycle—it’s the perfect way to jumpstart my resolution. Not to mention, it’s going to be a bonus new workout for me to add to my cross-training in the off-season! — Rockette Bailey

In 2020 I would like to spend more time giving back to my community, specifically through volunteering. As dancers, we share and spread joy through our performances, but most of our spare time is devoted to our craft. So, this year, I’d like to change that—I would love to expand my relationship with other community members and give back when I can and make a positive impact in the world! — Rockette Alicia

My New Year’s resolution is to go on a daily run. I absolutely love running and would like to make more time for it in my day to day life. In the offseason, I love to run on the beach. The combination of the salty air and the sand under my feet is pure therapy. Running is so good for me because it helps maintain a strong and healthy body, improves endurance and strengthens the joints and muscles and as a dancer, this is so important to me. Running just makes me happy! — Rockette Sophie