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The Rockettes’ 8 Favorite Post-Touchdown Celebratory Dances


f we’re being honest here, the post-touchdown jubilation can be more memorable than the actual pass or six points in the end zone. Some of the best celebrations are some of the most creative, and as dancers, we can’t help but fall head over heels for pro football players who unleash their inner dancing king (even though in 2006 the NFL amended its rules to include an automatic 15 yard penalty against any player who leaves his feet or uses a prop to celebrate a touchdown).

So in honor of Super Bowl LII, we’re taking a trip back to yesteryear—here are our eight favorite touchdown celebrations that are sure to get you in the scoring spirit:

1. Antonio Brown | “The Bennie Biggle Wiggle”antonio-brown-td-dancePittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has an iconic touchdown dance like no other! Called “The Bennie Biggle Wiggle,” he showed us football fans how to do his signature move: heels in (aka Pilates “V”), hand up, whip it or switch it and then swirl it. Now you have this move at your disposal for your next dance party … you’re welcome.


2. Victor Cruz | “The Salsa”victor-cruz-td-danceWhen Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz scores an epic TD, everyone knows what to expect. Known as the King of Salsa, Victor adopted this move in 2012 in memory of his late Salsa-loving grandmother. Olé!


3. Cam Newton | “The Twist”cam-newton-td-dance-newAlthough he may be the Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton has some smooth moves. Whether he’s doing “The Twist” or the “Hittin’ Dem Folks” dance step, the Heisman Trophy winner isn’t afraid to show off his flair on the field when his team scores.


4. Deion Sanders | “The Prime Time”deion-sanders-td-danceArguably one of the best cornerbacks in the league, Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was known for busting out his legendary high-stepping move … all while clutching the football. His inspiration for this famous celebratory dance? MC Hammer’s music video for his ’90s hit “Good to Go.”


5. Elbert ‘Ickey’ Woods | “The Ickey Shuffle”elbert-woods-td-danceHands down one of the most iconic touchdown dances in the history of the NFL! While the Cincinnati Bengals fullback’s career was cut short due to injuries, his “three hops to the left, three to the right, three back, spike and finger twirl” dance was infectious.


6. Merton Hanks | “The Chicken Dance”merion-hanks-td-danceIt’s safe to say that former defensive back Merton Hank’s famed funky chicken dance made chiropractors all over the world cringe, but nonetheless, fans came to expect this jerky movement from Merton after every touchdown.


7. Kelley Washington | “The Squirrel”kelley-washington-td-gif-newWhat elaborate choreography! Former wide receiver Kelley Washington was all about busting out the latest dance moves at the end zone, but watching him shake his tail during his “Squirrel Dance” was knock-your-socks-off funny.


8. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson | “The Riverdance”chad-ocho-td-danceGiving Irish stepdancer Michael Flatley a run for his money, six-time NFL Pro Bowler Chad Johnson must have been having the luck of the Irish when he busted out this epic Riverdance routine in the end zone.