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The Best Hair Helpers for Dancers

Hair Helpers


hether you’re performing on stage or just rehearsing in class, falling locks while you’re dancing is generally a no-no. From serious-hold hairsprays to the hardest working bobby pins, we’ve rounded up our favorite tools and products to make sure your ‘do doesn’t turn into a don’t.

The Strongest Hold
When it comes to a hard-working hairspray, Bed Head’s Hard Head is the gold standard. It’s definitely worth the higher price tag for keeping your up-dos in top form. Bonus: it’s also great for keeping tights snags in check!
$16 at

Custom Creations
The reason we love Bunheads’ hair pins isn’t just because they’re durable and reusable. But they also come in three different colors and sizes. That means you won’t see black pins coming out of a blonde bun or too-long pins sticking out of your up-do.
$6.50 at

Portable Pins
There’s nothing more annoying than scrambling to find renegade bobby pins at the bottom of your dance bag. Forget looping them together with a rubber band and keep them all in one place with this cute mini container from Conair.
$5 at 

Hit the Town
Not a tool, per se, but dry shampoo is great to have on hand if you’re not going straight home after a dance performance or rehearsal. It absorbs oil and sweat with a simple comb-through. Our favorite is this inexpensive, great-smelling one from Dove.
$4 at

Hold It In
Bunheads also makes awesome hairnets. Because they’re made especially for dancers, the elastic is a lot stronger than their generic drugstore counterparts. We also love that they come in six colors (even one for redheads!) so no one will know you’re wearing one.
$2.50 at

A Different ‘Do
When you’re bored of the same old bun, create an outside-the-box up-do with the velvet-covered Hairagami styling tool. Use it for French twists or get creative with your own style.
$4.95 at

Smooth It Out
Revlon’s snap clips are triple-pronged so they’ll smooth bumps and stay put even through the grandest of jetés.
$3.99 at

Keep It Up
Scunci’s no-damage hair elastics are made for thick hair so the chances of them snapping are slim to none. There’s also no metal band on them, so they won’t snag or get caught in your tresses.
$3.69 at