Video: Spectacular Dance Shoes With Phil LaDuca

We rehearse for the New York Spectacular six hours a day, six days a week—and that much dancing requires hard-working dance shoes! Enter: LaDuca shoes.

“No one realized the difference between a sturdy, strong shoe that has to be supportive, and a shoe that can bend with the foot,” says Phil LaDuca, founder of LaDuca shoes. “What I did was create a shoe that has the stability and strength, yet you’re able to articulate and point your foot as most dancers do.”

Of course we’re known for our eye-high kicks (we do about 300 kicks per show during the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!), and often another shoe would make us feel weighed down. But that’s not the case with LaDuca’s—they’re a lightweight shoe that makes it easier on our bodies to do the work that needs to be done.

LaDuca shoes offer a lot of stability for us,” says Rockette Gabrielle. “It’s important to have a good shoe on your foot when you’re dancing.”