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Songs of the ‘New York Spectacular’

We’re creating our own sound palette,” says music producer and arranger Billy Jay Stein. Along with vocal designer AnnMarie Milazzo, Stein is deconstructing familiar songs and injecting them with new sounds to create the music for the New York Spectacular. “It’s like creating a record—a lot of it has to do with mashing up classic melodies and grooves with more modern, edgy things.”

The Grammy Award-winning Stein is a collector of sounds, and he begins his day by turning on his more than 80 keyboards. Like Stein, Milazzo is a multi-instrumentalist, but it’s her own instrument that she most often deploys. “A voice has a lot of colors and texture,” she says. “A human being can make so many amazing sounds without words—you can tell a whole story.”

Stein and Milazzo are re-imagining a wide array of familiar tunes. Portions of the below songs are included in the New York Spectacular (listed in order of the show):

Welcome to New York
(Taylor Swift & Ryan Tedder)

Empire State of Mind (Part II)
(Shawn Carter, Alicia Keys, Alex Shuckburgh, Sylvia Robinson, Bert Keyes, Angela Hunte and Janet Andrea Sewell)

First Train Home
(Imogen Jennifer Heap)

Pure Imagination
(Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley)

Bach Cello Suite No. 1

Four Seasons
(Antonio Vivaldi)

New World Symphony
(Antonin Dvorak)

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
(Franz Liszt)

Money, Money
(John Kander & Fred Ebb)

(John Lennon)

Strawberry Fields Forever
(John Lennon and Paul McCartney)

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
(Gordon Matthew Sumner)

Singin’ in the Rain
(Arthur Freed and Naico Brown)

Forty-Second Street
(Al Dubin and Harry Warren)

Give My Regards to Broadway
(George M. Cohan)

(Madonna and Shep Pettibone)

It’s All About The Love (Original Song)
(AnnMarie Milazzo and Billy Jay Stein)

New York, New York
(John Kander & Fred Ebb)

(Marvin Hamlisch & Edward Kleban)

Love Is The Drug
(Bryan Ferry and Andrew Edwin MacKay)

Check our Spotify playlist to hear the full-length original songs that we re-imagined for the New York Spectacular. Also, click here to listen to an original song, “All About the Love!”