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Snapping Selfies With Miss Piggy

By Christina H.

Throughout their 90-year history, the world-famous Rockettes have shared the stage—and unforgettable adventures—with many other world-famous personalities. They have appeared at such iconic events as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Super Bowl and on TV shows like America’s Got Talent and Night of 100 Stars. The Rockettes are taking a moment to reflect on their favorite stardust memories.

Rockettes Christina (left) and Sarah (right) posing alongside Miss Piggy

Rockettes Christina (left) and Sarah (right) posing alongside Miss Piggy


o say I’m a Muppets’ fan would be an understatement (most of my childhood memories consist of me watching the characters on TV!). So you could only imagine how ecstatic I was when I had the opportunity to meet the one and only blonde bombshell, Miss Piggy.

In 2014, Radio City Music Hall was the home for Michael Bublé’s 4th Annual Christmas Special on NBC, and naturally, the Rockettes were asked to join in this holiday celebration. A night full of music, comedy and Christmas cheer, the star-studded guest list included female icons like Barbara Streisand, Ariana Grande and the ultimate diva, Miss Piggy.

There was a part in the night when Miss Piggy interviewed Michael … and it was one of the most entertaining tapings I have ever seen. To see the magic of this Muppet come to life was incredible—I got a personal peek of something not many people will ever get to see. Miss Piggy’s sassiness and sense of humor was so entertaining; she had the multi-Grammy Award-winning artist on his toes the entire time—you never knew what she was going to say next! It was flawless.

After the interview, I was determined to get a picture with my fellow blondie. After her personal hairstylist got her camera-ready, Miss Piggy and I got the picture of my dreams!

Later in the day, she even tweeted the pic of our special moment: “Take it from moi, blondes do have more fun!”

This memorable day went down in the books, thanks to a childhood love coming back to me all over again!

Christina has been a Rockette since 2005. She currently resides in New York, NY.