Rockettes Workout Playlist: Songs of the Summer 2019

It’s hard to believe, but the Christmas season will be here before we know it (sooner for us!). We’ve been working hard to stay in shape all Summer with a little help from our favorite pop, dance, R&B, hip hop and country artists. From Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road (remix)” to Lizzo’s ENTIRE album “Cuz I Love You”, these are our favorite workout songs for Summer 2019!

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“Old Town Road (Remix)” | Lil Nas X Featuring Billy Ray Cyrus

“‘Old Town Road’ is hands down the anthem of 2019! I can’t help but sing and dance along! It gets everybody on their feet, and caters to people of all ages. This song even gets my grandparents on the dance floor!” Rockette Jackie A.

“This collaboration is, by far, my favorite of the summer! The bass line keeps me moving and grooving and it’s a great song to have playing in the ear buds during my commute.” Rockette Natalie R.

“Now, it’s pretty much undeniable that this is THE song of the summer. You literally can’t go anywhere without hearing it. It’s the perfect tempo to get into those full-range squats.” Rockette Danelle M.

“Señorita” | Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

“‘Senorita’ has a great tempo for a cool down after a hard workout. I love the Latin flair and can’t ever get enough Shawn Mendes!” Rockette Natalie R.

“This song is FOREVER stuck in my head and I can’t help but do a little salsa move to the beat! After an intense, cardio workout I always cool down to it.”
Rockette Katie H.

“Beautiful People” | Ed Sheeran featuring Khalid

“I love to listen to this song while I warm up before a workout, during a dance classall the time, really! I also love its message about not fitting in or conforming to an idea of what looks beautiful. Ed Sheeran and Khalid deliver a heartfelt message in a catchy tune!” Rockette Taylor S.

“Ed Sheeran and Khalid are two of my favorite music artists. “Beautiful People” is such a chill song to listen to on the road, or after a long day at the beach. It gives me all the summer feels!” Rockette Jackie A.

“Higher Live” | Kygo, Whitney Houston

“I am not sure a 90s re-boot counts (it’s a hit in 2019!) but, I love me some good ol’ Whitney Houston! I’m pretty sure her music could inspire me to accomplish ANYTHING! DJ Kygo’s remix of the 1990 classic, “Higher Love”, gives me LIFE!” Rockette Hannah S.

“Tell me you can stand still while listening to Whitney HoustonI want to know who you are, because there’s no way! Her music stands the test of time! This remix puts a smile on my face during a every workout! It’s impossible not to move to this summer hit! I may or may not sway side to side in between weight lifting sets.” Rockette Katelyn G.

“I’m a sucker for a remix or a throwback tune, so Kygo’s version of Whitney’s “Higher Love” is an automatic favorite of mine! I love to turn up this feel good song while I’m cooling down and stretching.” Rockette Karen R.

“Talk” | Khalid

“I love to run to music that helps me clear my head, and this song is at the top of my playlist. Khalid has so many great jams with driving beats that help keep my feet moving. No matter what your workout of choice may be, this song is sure to help you crush your fitness goals.” Rockette Tiffany B.

“Seems like everyone wants to skip the oh so important cool down at the end of every workout. My tip for sticking around to bring that heart rate down? A solid groove like Khalid’s Talk.” Rockette Danelle M.

“Todrick Hall” | Hair, Nails, Hips Heels

“Todrick Hall has long taken up space in my playlist, and his new single “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” is on FIRE! It’s essentially a LGBQT anthem, praising gay culture and all its fierceness! Whenever I need something uptempo with a killer beat for cardio, this song is my go to! I literally make the gym my personal runway!” Rockette Sam B.

“Just Got Paid” | Sigala, Ella Eyre, Meghan Trainor and French Montana

“Another song that makes you want to groove whether you’re commuting to work, burning it out in a sweat session, or on a long road trip. Turn the music up, let your hair down, and get ready for one epic dance party. You don’t need any dance experience to dance to this song. I promise the beat will carry you through!” Rockette Sarah G.

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