Rockettes’ Top 5 Female Superheroes Of All Time

(Courtesy: YouTube/ 20th Century Fox)

With the release of Marvel Entertainment’s Captain Marvel and a historic box office weekend for Avengers: Endgame (the film grossed $356 million over three days), we were inspired to write about our favorite female superheroes, old and new, who continue to empower future generations of young women.

Rockette Hannah S.

I was never initially drawn to the comic book universe, however, thanks to my fiancé, I have now been introduced to almost every superhero movie that has been released in the last decade. So, whether I was initially interested or not, at least now I have a better understanding and interest in the characters and their stories.

1. “Storm” from X-Men

First, I’d just like to say, I really love the X-Men in general. The comic conjures feelings of what would life be like if we had superpowers! It’s interesting to imagine a world where humans have advanced in such a way. How would society react to those with superhuman abilities and those without? Just like there are messages and morals taught through fables and folklore, similarly, what can we learn about our treatment of those who are different from us? X-Men explores this in a very realistic way.

Personally, I love Storm and the idea of being able to control the weather is awesome! Storm is also a leader within the X-Men franchise, continually fighting for the less fortunate, she exudes strength and is solely focused on achieving peace and equality in her world.

2. “Jean Grey/Phoenix” from X-Men 

I am drawn to the complexities of Jean Grey. Despite her challenging path as Phoenix, there is a tenaciousness and a fight in her that I find inspiring. I think we all struggle with controlling our thoughts and emotions at times, so her struggle is very relatable even if it is overwhelming (her telepathic abilities would certainly come in handy at times!). To me, both her and Storm have qualities that reflect both the positives and negatives of our nature. It’s like the concept of the yin/yang—seemingly opposing forces within ourselves that are, in the end, harmonious.

3. “Rey” from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Growing up, I was really struck by the sci-fi world of Star Wars. As a pre-teen I had so many life questions, so the idea of having the ‘Force’ with me gave me hope and an explanation about life and the universe in general—the lasting idea that all things are interconnected. However, I remember my disappointment in the lack of female Jedi characters. Fast forward, 16 years later when all that changed with the release of J.J Abrams, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

To me, Rey is such an inspirational character. She’s basically an orphan who has no idea where she came from, yet somehow finds the strength to face her fears and become a loyal friend and strong, optimistic woman. Not only that, she fights for the overall betterment of the galaxy (aren’t we all?)!

Looking back on my formative years, I wish a character like Rey was written into the storyline sooner, but now future generations of young females will watch Rey’s character strive for the greater good and hopefully identify with, and share in her journey.

4. “Sansa” from Game Of Thrones 

I can’t contemplate a list of remarkable female superheroes without mentioning Game of Thrones! My, how the tables have turned over the past eight seasons, especially when speaking about female empowerment! Its been an emotional rollercoaster, watching each of the women channel their struggles into becoming some of the most powerful players in the series.

While I love the journeys of Arya and Daenerys, recently, I have been most impressed by Sansa Stark’s transformation. She has gone from a sheltered young girl, through unimaginable pain and suffering, to come out on top as an intelligent and respected leader who is putting her responsibilities, to look after the needs of her people and family, above all else. I think what I also find compelling about her is that she wasn’t naturally brave but rather chose to be brave through her experiences and that makes her a superhero in my book!

5. “Shuri” from Black Panther 

I loved Black Panther! This film introduced me not only to the Dora Milaje and a whole army of female special forces but also to Shuri. She is literally a genius! It is so fun to see this character on screen, defying any misconceptions and reaffirming what is possible. She is incredibly smart, an inventor, skilled fighter not to mention, she can heal people too. She makes science and technology look cool! How great to show perseverance and intelligence as superpowers in their own right! To me, it shows you can accomplish almost anything if you put your mind to it.

Rockette Katelyn G. 

Superheroes are often great not just for their amazing powers and skills but more so for their superior qualities in character. It’s their human attributes and struggles that we relate to, and inspire us to be better, or rather “super” humans ourselves.

1. “Spider-Gwen” aka Spider-Woman

Spider Gwen is one of my more recent favorites! The comic came out in just the past few years and its’ superhero Stacy Gwen lives in an alternate universe known as Earth-65. There is where she is bitten by a radioactive spider giving her the powers many know Spider-Man to have and more, which makes her even stronger and more powerful! This imaginative storyline is out of this world and the vibrant colored comics give it extra glam. All comics related to Spider-Man have always sparked my interest. When I was younger, I too was bitten by a spider and my brothers had me convinced I would shoot webs, but I’m still waiting for that to happen.

2. “Squirrel Girl”

Squirrel Girl has all of our favorite woodland creature’s abilities including a bushy tail and being able to talk to squirrels. Although the comic is humorous you can’t underestimate Squirrel Girl. In just her first cameo she and her army of squirrels defeated Dr. Doom! This just goes to show you with the right attitude and friends by your side you can do anything! Many believe she may actually be one of the most powerful superheroes! She is confident in herself and that is beautiful! Also, let’s be real who wouldn’t want to talk to squirrels!

3. “Buffy Summers” from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is destined to fight infernal creatures. There is not a single force of darkness Buffy can’t handle and look fabulous doing it! This hit series had me hooked and feeling like I could karate kick any vampire! I may or may not begged my mom to enroll me in karate after watching Buffy so that I could protect my family.

4. “Jessica Jones”

Jessica Jones was in a tragic accident involving radioactive chemicals which is how she gained her superhuman strength and resistance to injury (jealous of that one for sure!). Jessica actually attended school with Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. The two were unaware of each other’s powers but bonded over the fact that they lost their families in tragic ways. Jones saw Spider-Man, unaware it was her pal Peter, defeat the evil Sandman and from that moment on she knew she had to use her powers for good! Jessica Jones is a favorite for me because she has turned a horrifying situation into a positive! The Netflix series hits upon powerful subjects and the second season was directed by ALL FEMALES!

5. “Alura”

Finally, Alura from Supergirl. Alura is not only the leader of Kandor she’s Superman’s aunt and mother to Supergirland let’s face it, ALL MOMS are superheroes.

Sidebar: our good friend Laura Benanti actually played Alura on The CW show and often she referred to us Rockettes as superheroes! I would certainly have to agree with her, we can outkick any villain!