Rockettes Sarah and Natalie Cross the Finish Line Together at Women’s Half Marathon

By Rockette Sarah G.

About two years ago, I took to running as a way of learning new neighborhoods in the city. I had never been fond of running indoors, but there was something about running outside that took the monotony out of it. Running really cleared my mind, all the while weaving the streets of a city I had never before seen. Before I knew it, I was racking up the miles, and I really loved the change in my workout routine! I ran solo as well as with friends, and we had enough fun to eventually sign up for various 5-mile runs throughout the city.

It was around February of 2016 that I decided to set a goal of running a half marathon. Lucky for me the Shape Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park was set for mid-April of that year; I had just enough time to train before completing 13.1 miles in the Big Apple’s most popular park! Unfortunately, about five days before the half marathon, I had a horrible accident while zip lining on vacation. I hurt my tibia (shin bone) and was lucky to walk away with only a handful of stitches. This meant I was putting my goal of 13.1 on hold.

Rockettes Natalie (left) and Sarah (right) striking a bevel with their medals!

A year came and went, and the Shape Women’s Half Marathon was set for April 30th, 2017, again in Central Park. My Rockette sister Natalie and I decided we were going to run this race together! While we didn’t get in as many training runs together as we would have liked, we both showed up on race day, and it was a given that we weren’t leaving each other’s sides.

The corrals were filled with women of all ages just as excited to be hitting the pavement as we were. Distance running has become a mind game for me over time, but knowing one of my best-friends-turned-sister was right next to me cleared any and all doubt of not finishing from my head! Although we both had our own playlists buzzing in our ears, we managed to high-five each other at every mile marker while other women continued to cheer each other on as we all ran the loop of Central Park twice!

Whether it be 100+ shows during a Christmas season or a bucket list goal I’ve set to complete, I always know Natalie will be there crossing that finish line with me. Being a Rockette keeps you in tip-top shape year round, and in this scenario, our job helped us complete our goal of finishing the half marathon in under two hours! It wasn’t even ten minutes after the race finished that we were talking about running our next half marathon together. Looking forward to the next 13.1 miles and possibly even turning those into a full marathon some day!

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