Rockettes’ Picks: 7 Burgers In NYC You Need to Try


s much as we love to nosh on healthy foods like hummus and veggies and protein-packed smoothies, every once and a while we give ourselves a “cheat day” to indulge in some guilty pleasures. After six-hour days of rehearsals or five-show days of performances, there’s nothing better than tempting our taste buds with a juicy, mouthwatering, hunger-pang-inducing burger. So when you’re jonesing for a greasy, cheesy, bacon patty or a fancy chef creation, stop by one of these NYC hot spots to satisfy your craving:

5 Napkin Burger’s Original Burger
taylor-shimko-headshot“Whether you choose the ‘Original 5 Napkin Burger’ or the various others they have to offer, 5 Napkin Burger is where it’s at for a delicious, savory, messy burger. The original burger is topped with 10 oz. fresh ground beef, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and rosemary aioli served on a soft white roll. This burger is guaranteed to leave grease dripping down your hands and chin after each scrumptious bite.” —Taylor S.
[5 Napkin Burger, 2315 Broadway (more locations); 212.333.4488]

Burger Joint’s Cheeseburger
sam-berger-headshot“‘Samberger Hamburger’ was one of my many nicknames growing up, and I was OK with it because I love burgers. Burger Joint is a hidden gem located in The Le Parker Meridian Hotel. You know the burgers are amazing when there is a long line outside (thankfully it goes quickly and is well worth the wait!). There are limited options, but my go-to is the cheeseburger with “the works” (tomato, lettuce, onion and condiments) with a side of crispy fries.” —Samantha B.
[Burger Joint, 119 W. 56th St. (more locations); 212.708.7414] 

BurgerFi’s VegeFi Burger
“I’m vegetarian, and the VegeFi burger at BurgerFi has a quinoa base and almost looks too perfect to devour! It’s got your typical lettuce and tomato toppings, but switches it up with a white cheddar cheese that melts itself around the entire top of the veggie goodness. The special ‘burger sauce’ hits a grand slam while your palate is in complete heaven! I pair it with the Parmesan and herb fries and pretty much have to roll myself home!” —Sarah G.
[BurgerFi, 1571 2nd Ave. (more locations); 646.684.3172]

Bill’s Bar & Burger’s Jalapeño Burger
“Right next door to Radio City Music Hall, Bill’s Bar & Burger’s jalapeño burger compels your taste buds to salsa! A thin patty topped delicately with roasted hatch chili, jalapeño, melted pepper jack cheese, lettuce and chipotle aioli lays on a crisp seeded bun giving you tons of zest in just the right amount. If your mouth is looking for an edible party, look no further than the spicy jalapeño burger that packs the punch you’re desiring!” —Katelyn G.
[Bill’s Bar & Burger, 16 W. 54th St. (more locations); 212.705.8510]

J.G. Melon’s Cheeseburger
kim-petros-headshot“This cozy venue doesn’t take reservations and remains cash only, with lines around the corner during after-work hours, but trust me, it’s worth it! Few places hold on to this old-school atmosphere, and this is truly a burger that you’ll crave. And don’t miss out on the perfectly bite-sized circular crinkle cut french fries … yum! —Kim P.
[J.G. Melon, 1291 3rd Ave. (more locations); 212.744.0585]

The Fat Radish’s Bacon Cheeseburger
lindsay-howe-headshot-1024x1024“So decadent and generous, the bacon cheeseburger from this downtown hidden gem is grilled to perfection, and crowned with aged cheddar and juicy cuts of bacon! All inside a soft brioche bun, the tasty sirloin combination fills your mouth with an explosion of richness that will not be forgotten! Not only is this cheeseburger top-notch, but the duck fat fries and house made pickles that accompany it are crazy sensational!” —Lindsay H.
[The Fat Radish, 17 Orchard St.; 212.300.4053]

Umami Burger’s Sunny Side Burger
christine-sienicki-headshot-1024x1024“Piled high on ground in-house beef (always served medium rare) is Parmesan frico, a fried egg, truffled arugula, truffled aioli and a spread of truffle thyme compound butter. This burger melts in your mouth and when paired with their amazing truffle cheese fries or their maple bacon fries, you are sure to go home happy!” —Christine S.
[Umami Burger, 432 Sixth Ave. (more locations); 212.677.8626]