Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: YouTuber Matt Bray Showcases “1,000 People of Dance” In New Video

Who: YouTuber Matt Bray (+ 1,000 dancers featured in his video)

His dance: 

Why we picked him: YouTuber Matt Bray has been dancing his way into our hearts since 2014 when he first went viral after filming himself doing the iconic Napoleon Dynamite dance in his bedroom for 100 days straight. But he didn’t stop there! In 2015, he put a twist on the same concept by filming himself dancing in 100 different places throughout his hometown near Chicago (we even featured him as our Dancer of the Week!). Now, he’s back with his most ambitious dance montage to date: dancing with 1,000 different people all over the world!

Bray spent the last 18 months traveling to 15 different countries to create “1000 People of Dance.” For the four-minute video, he visited places like Buckingham Palace in London, the streets of Tokyo, Japan, and stood outside the Sydney Opera House in Australia. For each location, he not only had to convince complete strangers to join him for an impromptu dance session on camera, but he also had to teach them his dance routine, set to the song “Lean” by VHS Collection.

As the video progresses, the amount of people dancing with Bray grows larger and larger—and we see the same is happening with views on his video (nearly 300,000 on YouTube alone!).

When asked what he hoped to accomplish with “1000 People of Dance,” Bray told Mashable, “If there is an opportunity where I can create something that will make a bunch of people smile, then I will do whatever it takes to create that thing without a second thought.”

We’re definitely smiling; we love that Bray showcased how dance is a universal language and an art form that can spread joy no matter where you are!

Fun fact: Prior to this project, Bray had never traveled outside of the United States!

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