Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Utah Family Dancing to Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’

Who: The Orgill Family of Highland, Utah

Their dance:

Why we chose them: Along with opening the Christmas Spectacular, catching the season’s first snow and marveling as NYC becomes decked in holiday magic, watching the Orgill family’s Christmas dance is one of our favorite ways to kick off the Christmas season.

You could call it a modern tradition—the Utah family created their first Christmas dance video in 2012, and has only been topping their act year after year (we especially loved their 2015 Justin Bieber routine—we made them our dancer of the week!).

What’s the same as years past? The awesomely bad Christmas sweaters and the sweet, homespun stage lit with Christmas lights. What’s new? The soundtrack: This year’s song of choice is Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me.” And in addition to the original eight siblings, this year the lineup also includes their parents, a few in-laws, three tail-wagging pups and even a few members of the next generation of dancers—their nieces!

And we can’t help but notice how their moves have evolved, too. This year, in addition to some pretty sophisticated group choreography, we’re treated to flips, breakdancing, partner somersaults, handstands and even a Rockettes-style kick line!

But the best part is their smiles. It’s clear this family loves to dance together, and we already can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2018!

Fun fact: The Orgill siblings made their original Christmas dance video in 2012 as a surprise for their parents!

Rockette kicks (on a scale of 10 to 10!):