Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: tWitch and Students From Washington Elementary Dance Club

Who: tWitch and the Washington Elementary dance club in Visalia, CA

Their dance:

Why we chose them: We’re feeling all the feels after watching DJ tWitch from The Ellen DeGeneres Show surprise these little girls at their after-school dance class (their giggles, screams and tears are infectious!).

 Many of the families of students at Washington Elementary School in Visalia, CA, don’t have the money to enroll their kids in dance classes. Which is why principal Liz Serrato made a free after-school dance club for her students to help empower them.

After learning that tWitch was taking requests for dance lessons via his digital series, “tWitch Please…Help Me Dance!,” Washington Elementary dance teacher Mackenzie Bradberry submitted a heart-warming message where she talked about how this would be a great opportunity for her girls to have a dance star teach the class.

Not only did tWitch surprise the girls during one of their classes to teach them some moves, but shared the big news that they needed to rehearse their new choreography because they were going to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

And boy did they perform! Dressed in jeans, matching T-shirts and sneakers, the girls danced their hearts out to Meghan Trainor’s “No Excuses” … on national TV nonetheless!

Way to go girls—keep on dreaming big!

Fun fact: After their performance, the dance club got a sweet surprise! Their club would receive $20,000 courtesy of Shutterfly. How amazing is that?!

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