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Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: The Dreamcatchers

Who: The Dreamcatchers

Their Dance: 

Why we chose them: Dance has the power to lift spirits!

The Dreamcatchers, a dance group made up of 10 children—seven girls and three boys—gained internet fame after pop star Rihanna shared this adorable video. The talented kids were saved from an impoverished life by dancer and screenwriter, Seyi Oluyole. The kids, who have been dancing together in Lagos, Nigeria since 2014, use the power of dance to fight the pressures of their living situations: “The children are from bad homes, united and finding hope in dance and drama. These children are the future and more is to come from them,” explains their YouTube page.

The kids and Seyi were recently nominated for the Best Creative Social Enterprise Award via African Creative Exhibition and Awards. A post on their Instagram explain how grateful they are for their teacher and the inspiration behind the dance crew.

“You see all our smiles and dance videos, there is someone behind it all. There is a special person who took us off the street and takes care of us. She feeds us, sends us to school, buys us clothes and takes care of us even when we are sick. She is Aunty Seyi. And if we don’t eat, she won’t eat. If we are sick she will stay by us until we are well. She even teach us to dance. She is the helper God sent to us.”

Fun Fact: Besides Rihanna, The Dreamcatchers have also captured the attention of superstars P. Diddy and Naomi Campbell.

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