Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Tennessee Police Officer Dancing for Salvation Army Donations

Who: Officer Sean Bulow from Tennessee Police Department

His dance:

Why we chose him: This police officer from Cleveland, TN, Sean Bulow, recently raised money for Salvation Army’s “Red Kettle” campaign … and boy, did he take the art of bell ringing while dancing to a whole new level!

Rocking out to Bruno Mars’ music in front of a Walmart, ringing a bell in one hand while busting some smooth moves and collecting donations in the other, Sean participated in something called “Battle of the Bells”—a little friendly competition between city police officers, who were stationed at one entrance, and officers from the county sheriff’s department who were positioned at another entrance—to see who could raise the most money.

Thanks to Sean’s sick moves, they raised more than $1,000 in donations in just a few hours (and “won” the battle!).

“People were asking for ‘the dancing cop,'” Sgt. Evie West, police department spokeswoman, tells ABC News. “Everyone was taking selfies with him and making donations.”

Fun fact: Due to popular demand, Sean reappeared the following day for another hour of dancing and bell ringing.

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