Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Teachers Dancing to Bruno Mars For a Good Cause

Who: Teachers at Casey Middle School in East Amherst, NY

Their dance: 

Why we chose them: These teachers are uniting a school, giving back to their community and having a little fun in life—all while beating cancer!

Tim Bender, a technology teacher, and his crew of background dancers proved that teachers still know how to move and groove in this great rendition of Bruno Mars’s hit 24K Magic. The teachers take it to the streets of downtown Buffalo in this epic music video, concluding with a “chilly” blizzard dance party!

This group of teachers at Casey Middle School in East Amherst, NY—who create dance videos to raise awareness for cancer—connect their viewers with great ways to get involved in the fight. Harry O’Malley, who shoots and edits the videos, explained how the idea came into fruition: About five years ago at a school talent show, a few teachers put on a dance performance, which definitely entertained the students. One video after another, they started to gain a lot of views and the videos took off. The teachers then knew what to do—use that popularity to give back and set a good example for their students.

“What I want our students to see is that if there’s something that they care about, that there are ways they can go after that and pursue that and make a positive change in the community around them,” says Casey Middle School Principal Pete Dobmeier.

Fun Fact: Other schools have already reached out to be a part of Teachers Beat Cancer and organizers say they’re already planning their next project!

Rockette kicks (on a scale of 10 to 10!):