Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Stephanie Consiglio and the Children at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Who: Stephanie Consiglio and the Children at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Their dance:

Why we chose them: Break out the tissues! Jordan Matter, famed NYC-based dance photographer, teamed up with 13-year-old cancer survivor and dancer Stephanie Consiglio for his “10-Minute Dancer Photo Challenge” series.

It started with Jordan wanting to do something for children fighting cancer. He reached out to Stephanie’s family to coordinate a photo shoot at Cohen Children’s Medical Center; the center where she was diagnosed and treated for Stage 3 germ cell cancer. (During her four months of chemotherapy, she danced every single day and believes that’s what saved her life!)

“The hospital and staff were pretty much my family while I was a patient,” she tells Newsday. “So to reunite with them and have a good time, to just spread some joy and give back. I loved it.”

For this heartwarming video, they had one mission in mind: spread as much joy as possible in 10 minutes. And boy, did they accomplish this! From posing alongside children in the lobby to dancing with some of the hospital staff and getting splattered with paint by patients, this duo boosted the spirits of everyone around them.

Although Jordan stated how hard it was to go through the treatment ward and see kids hooked up to IVs, he was inspired by the amount of strength they had: “It was one of the most emotional and rewarding photo shoots of my career, and an experience I will never forget.”

Fun Fact: After performing at the Garden of Dreams Talent Show in 2016, Stephanie became a part of the Rockettes family. Not only have we mentored her, but she performed a beautiful solo act on Opening Night of our 2016 Christmas Spectacular. She is also joining us, along with other Talent Show alum, in mentoring Garden of Dreams kids as they prepare to perform in this year’s “Together We Dream” Talent Show at Radio City Music Hall!

Rockette kicks (on a scale of 10 to 10!): 

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