Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Rollettes Use Wheelchairs to Empower Others Through Dance

Who: Rollettes dance troupe from Los Angeles, California

Their dance: 

Why we chose them: Dance has the power to inspire, heal and bring people together; just take a look at the Rollettes, a California-based wheelchair dance team that is working to promote women’s empowerment and destigmatize the disabled community.

Earlier this year, the group performed at their first competition, ICU Worlds in Orlando, and ended up winning silver—an amazing feat for the group and their founder Chelsie Hill.

In 2010, Chelsie, a lifelong dancer, was left paralyzed from the belly button down following a car accident. Determined to continue following her passion, she reached out to other girls in similar situations to eventually form the Rollettes in 2012. They have since expanded and also started hosting a dance workshop in Los Angeles every year, where they inspire women of all abilities to find strength, confidence and a sense of community among other female dancers.

Today, the Rollettes are the world’s largest wheelchair dance team and they have made it their mission to encourage others to never let a disability get in the way of chasing their dreams. 

As Roulette dancer Steph Aiello beautifully states in an interview with Teen Vogue: “My injury doesn’t stop so I can live my life, so why am I going to stop living my life because of my injury?”

Fun fact: Chelsie and Steph aren’t only dancers… they host their own podcast titled “Be Boundless” too, which is all about finding physical and emotional independence while ‘rolling through life’ in a wheelchair.

Rockette kicks (on a scale from 10 to 10!):