Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: LSU Football Player and His Father Perform Pre-Game Haka Dance

Who: LSU defensive end Breiden Fehoko and his dad, Vili

Their dance: 

Why we chose them: As the Louisiana State University football team was preparing to take the field against the University of Georgia on Saturday, October 13, LSU defensive end Breiden Fehoko got an emotional surprise—his father performing the haka for him.

The haka is a traditional Maori dance that originated as a battle cry to intimidate opponents. Nowadays, the dance is seen as a sign of strength, respect and unity by those who perform it; it is considered a great honor to have someone perform the haka for you! 

“In our culture, if somebody gifts you with the haka, you usually sit there and receive it, you accept it.” Breiden explained in a press conference. “But I was about to go play a game, I wasn’t going to sit there and let him do it. I’m about to go play Georgia, the number two team in the nation, I gotta get fired up somehow!”

Breiden joined his dad almost instantaneously for this touching father-son moment, in celebration of their Hawaiian roots and their mutual love for football. And the dance clearly motivated Breiden to play his best too, as his two interceptions helped the LSU Tigers secure a 36-16 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs! 

Fun fact: Breiden’s dad, Vili, has gained fame in their home state of Hawaii for entertaining crowds with his dances at the University of Hawaii football games. He is known as as “Vili the Warrior.” 

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