Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Lorde Dances Her Way Through MTV VMAs Performance

Who: Lorde

Her dance:

Why we chose her: Lorde made waves at last Sunday’s 2017 MTV Video Music Awards when she surprised the audience with a performance that was more interpretive dance than anything else. As in, that’s pretty much all it was. And we kind of loved it!

Before the show, the singer tweeted that she was suffering from the flu so badly that she needed an IV. And many are speculating that’s why the songstress didn’t sing—or even lip sync—a word during her performance.

Wearing a space-like dress with a tutu-esque skirt, the 20-year-old began her performance by placing a tape into a boom box on stage and pressing the play button on her hit “Homemade Dynamite.” Soon after, the performance bloomed into choreography that was graceful, sharp, and strong—improvised or not. The singer moved across the stage enthusiastically, exploded into a jump at the word “dynamite,” and had a crew of backup dancers lifting her, tossing her into the air, and even pretending to launch her out of an invisible cannon. For a lady with the flu, we have to give her a virtual standing ovation!

If Lorde’s non-vocal performance was planned, we loved her foray into the world of dance. And if it was only a way to save her from having to cancel a singing performance last-minute due to illness, let’s all take a cue from her: When things go wrong, just dance.

Fun fact: Lorde kicks off her world tour this month to promote her new album Melodrama. We can’t wait to see what other moves she might have up her sleeve!

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