Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Little Girl Challenges Brandon Williams to a Dance-Off

Who: Young Baltimore Ravens fan (with some serious dance skills!)

Her dance:

Why we chose her: What do you do when you see a 340-pound NFL player casually busting out a move on the field? You challenge him to a dance-off, obviously. That’s what one young Baltimore Ravens fan did during an open pre-season practice… and we think it’s safe to say she killed it!

After nose tackle Brandon Williams showed off some of his best moves while the team stretched, he looked to the stadium’s video screens to find a young girl responding with some impressive moves of her own! Then, it was on.

Once Williams realized what he was up against, the player dropped his helmet and pulled out all the stops, even launching into a handstand at one point! But the look on her face told him, and the audience of over 25,000 fans, that she was going to walk away the favorite.

Williams may be known as the best dancer on the team, but even a reporter agreed in an interview after practice that the kid had won the epic dance battle—and we’d have to agree!

Fun fact: This isn’t Williams’ first public performance. The player showed off an expert Carlton during a press conference earlier this summer, too.

Rockette kicks (on a scale of 10 to 10!):