Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Backup Dancers

Who: Lady Gaga’s Backup Dancers

Their dance:

Why we chose them: The quarterback might call the shots, but he couldn’t win—or even play—without his team. And when it came to the 13-minute Super Bowl LI halftime show at Houston’s NRG Stadium, that couldn’t have been more true for Lady Gaga and her bevvy of amazing backup dancers.

It can be hard to compete for attention with Lady Gaga. After all, if it’s not her voice that’s pulling you in, it’s the promise that she’ll put on an epic performance that everyone will be talking about the next day. The fact that the backup dancers who were there to support her caught our eye as much as they did, says a lot about their talent, stage presence (those killer facial expressions!) and style.

Gaga started her performance solo, but the backup crew flooded the stage in a flash of black crop tops and purple capes as she started “Born This Way.” Totally in sync, even in their head-nods, they transitioned into running-man moves for “Telephone” and one dancer even had the responsibility of carrying Gaga down a catwalk (no pressure!).

Dancing their hearts out in geometric, silver puffy jackets, the backup performers brought tangible energy to “Just Dance,” and rejoined Gaga on-stage in football shoulder pads and even helmets as she closed out her performance with “Bad Romance.”

While we love to give kudos to the headliner—whether it’s the big-name entertainer at the halftime show or the QB on the field—sometimes we just have to give it up for the squad!

Fun fact: Just hours after her amazing performance, Gaga announced plans to embark on a world tour in honor of her newest album, Joanne. “I can’t wait to bring the #JOANNEWorldTour to all of you. See you very soon! Xoxo, Joanne,” she tweeted to her 65 million followers.

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