Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Janet Gregory and the Beaufortettes

Who: Janet Gregory and the Beaufortettes

Their dance:

Why we chose them: It’s not often you hear women in their 70s telling each other to break a leg! But for Janet Gregory and the Beaufortettes—The Tap Dancing Divas of Beaufort, SC—it’s a phrase that has brought the luck that landed them eight first place trophies over the years.

Janet, a former majorette and figure skater, captains the dance troupe made up of women ages 65 to 80, and who boast several “bionic parts.” The group first got together in 2006—not all were dancers; in fact, some had little or no tap training—and turned up the heat in 2011 when they began competing.

And they haven’t slowed down since! Janet and the dance troupe have taken home awards like the “Judges Choice Elite” Award, the “Level One Overall Entertainment” Award at the DTI National Dance Competition in Savannah, GA, and more recently, the “High Score of the Day” trophy and the “Most Entertaining” Award at the Encore Dance Competition in Statesboro, GA.

Fun fact: With the help of the TODAY show, we recently invited Janet to come kick with us at Radio City Music Hall; as it’s been her dream since she was a kid. Watch the cute video here!

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