Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: High School Principal Performing with Step Team at Pep Rally

Who: Dr. Donna “Mickey” Reynolds, Principal of Lake Mary High School in Lake Mary, Florida

Her dance:

Why we chose her: Sometimes, you just have to put yourself out there. Dancers know this vulnerability well—performing is all about giving it your all, without knowing how your audience will react. That’s exactly what high school principal Dr. Donna “Mickey” Reynolds did … and it paid off!

During the school’s last pep rally of the season, Mickey took Lake Mary High School students and parents by surprise when she joined the Florida school’s step team, Unity Revolution, for more than two minutes of their school-wide performance—and didn’t miss a beat.

The step team started their routine to cheers from the students, but when Mickey joined their formation mid-way through the performance the students’ cheers only got louder. After practicing at home and doing a couple run-throughs with the team, their new principal—clad in a senior-class T-shirt—nailed the choreography alongside her students.

For Mickey, it was a way to make her experience at the school come full-circle: She not only graduated from Lake Mary High School in 1986, but also performed as captain of the school’s dance team during her time there as a student. But her performance also served another important purpose; to form a connection with the student body who had said goodbye to a beloved principal a year earlier.

Mickey knew she had big shoes to fill, so she took a risk, and gave it her all. And that’s what dancing is all about.

Fun fact: Mickey isn’t the first person in her family to serve as principal of the school. Her father was the Lake Mary High School’s first principal ever!

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