Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Grandfather Joins Granddaughter for Tap Dancing Duet

Who: Maeve and Bill Jones

Their dance:

Why we chose them: When 10-year-old Maeve discovered that her 72-year-old grandfather used to be a dancer just like her, she knew she had to recruit him for her next tap dance recital. The result? A viral video with nearly 11 million views!

“My mom says my grandfather loves to dance, and I asked him if he wanted to do a tap duet with me, and we did it. And it’s amazing.” Maeve told WHDH 7 News Boston.

After six rehearsals, Maeve and her grandfather were ready to take the stage, tapping it out to the hit song “Cups” from the movie Pitch Perfect. The pair  showed off flaps, time steps, and even ended the performance with their own show-stopping cartwheels!

“There probably aren’t too many tap-dancing grandfathers around,” Bill Jones said. “I was very proud to do it, and I was surprised at the response.”

He may be right, but we can all agree that the world could use a few more dancing grandpas!

Fun fact: Bill isn’t the first dancer in the Jones family; his grandmother was a professional dancer, performing in vaudeville shows.

Rockette kicks (on a scale from 10 to 10!):