Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Girl Who Dances In Street With Dad’s Encouragement

Who: Girl who dances in street with her father’s encouragement

Her dance: 

Why we chose her: We’ve all broken out into a spontaneous dance party at one point or another (or is that just us?!). But what about a beautiful, impromptu public performance? That’s what this young dancer did—thanks to the encouragement of her dad who caught her spontaneous routine on camera!

Not seeking attention, the dancer is shy at first and even seems a little embarrassed when listening to the street musician, but with her father’s nudges, she seamlessly morphs from casual spectator to graceful ballerina.

Dressed in a gray, flowy dress that suits the music and moves perfectly, the young woman slips off her shoes and elegantly pirouettes and tumbles through the street. A natural performer, she bows at the end of her routine as on-lookers and café-goers applaud her and the musician.

P.S. Shout out to all the dance dads who encourage, support and nurture the dreams of their dancers!

Fun fact: This young dancer’s improv performance was done on the streets in Trieste, a city in northeast Italy.

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