Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Elderly German Couple Tearing Up the Dance Floor

Who: Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut from Durmersheim, Germany

Their dance:

Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut are going viral online thanks to their stellar dance moves. The two, married since 1970, tell ABC News, "We still have a lot of fun."

Posted by ABC News on Saturday, April 15, 2017

Why we chose them: Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut take #relationshipgoals to the next level! The dancing duo have become a viral sensation after a video of them twisting, turning and dipping to “Down the Road Apiece” by The Refreshments during a veterans dance contest in Bavaria was caught on camera.

Married since 1970, the couple has been dancing for more than 30 years, and particularly love to perform dances from the ’40s and ’50s, such as swing, the jitterbug and the lindy hop.

“This dance has become an integral part of our lives,” the couple tells UK-based website, Mirror. “We discovered the 1950s music scene and found like-minded people at concerts and festivals.”

And the Ehrentraut’s don’t just boogie-woogie for fun—they’ve won several championships in competitions across Europe (they even won this contest!) and give courses and workshops to pass on their epic skills. So what do they think about their newfound fame?

“We are quite flabbergasted,” Dietmar tells the Mirror. “I had not even seen anyone filming us!”

Fun fact: The couple has their own website where you can stay up to date on their dancing adventures!

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