Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Dance Crew Entertains The Crowd During Six-Hour Flight Delay

Who: Funkywunks, an 11-member hip-hop dance group based in Orlando, Florida

Their dance:


Delayed Flight ✈️ for 6 hours in Dallas. Many angry 😡 & tired passengers. Soooo Funkywunks sprung into action to do what we do BEST!!! Entertain and put smiles back on their faces 😁!

Posted by Funkywunks on Friday, September 7, 2018


Why we chose them: A six-hour flight delay is guaranteed to dampen anyone’s mood, but the Funkywunks didn’t let that bring them down!

Instead of sitting around as their flight from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport kept getting pushed back, the group took the opportunity to bust out a full-fledged hip-hop routine, making the airport terminal their dance floor to help lighten the spirits of their fellow stranded passengers.

As talented dancers and alum on NBC’s “World Of Dance,” it wasn’t long before their intricately choreographed routine, set to the tune of Bruno Mars, began to draw an audience—both at the airport and online (the video currently has 25 million views and counting on Facebook!).

“We were happy to be able to bring smiles to everyone’s faces; that’s always our goal when we perform,” the Funkywunks told

Keep an eye out during your next layover; you never know when you might witness an impromptu dance show!

Fun Fact: When they’re not stuck in airports, Funkywunks offers dance workshops in their hometown of Orlando, Florida, focused on their main styles of hip-hop, waacking, popping, and breaking.

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